Evidence based parenting programs

Group of parents and children at parenting class.

Families Tasmania offer a range of parenting programs to support Tasmanian families which are approved for ‘Communities for Children’ funding by the Australian Government’s Australian Institute of Family Studies.

  • 1-2-3 Magic® and Emotion Coaching

    Looking for help in managing your child’s challenging behaviours? Presented over three sessions, this evidence-based program supports parents to understand what’s going on with these tricky behaviours and offers techniques to manage the tough times.

    Developed by Parentshop, this program is for parents with children aged 2–12 years. Programs delivered face-to-face or online by negotiation.


  • Bringing Up Great Kids

    This program developed by the Australian Childhood Foundation uses themes of reflection, messages and mindfulness to explore our relationship with our children, with our families, and with ourselves as parents.

    Suitable for anyone in a parenting role with children of any age. Delivered face-to-face or online over six sessions or by negotiation.


  • Bringing Up Great Kids in the First 1000 Days

    Offered in two separate versions:

    Ante-natal: for families expecting a new baby, we explore your baby’s development while building your parenting supports and your expectations for your new family member. Suitable for any pregnant mothers and their support people.

    Post-natal: for families with babies aged birth to two years, this version of the Australian Childhood Foundation’s Bringing Up Great Kids series explores the growth and development of your baby, and builds understanding of yourself as a parent.

    Both versions delivered face-to-face or online over five sessions or by negotiation.


  • Parent Child Mother Goose

    Using oral storytelling, songs with actions and traditional rhymes, Parent Child Mother Goose builds parent–child attachments and confidence in a gentle and supportive setting.

    This program offers fun, friendship and connection for all parents with a baby or pre-school aged child.

    Delivered face-to-face in small groups over flexible sessions.

    Through the program, parents gain skills and confidence that help them create positive family patterns during their children’s crucial early years. At the same time, children benefit from enjoyable, healthy early experiences with language and communication.


  • Tuning in to Kids (TIK)

    TIK is a parenting program developed by the University of Melbourne. In TIK, we build connections and relationships by learning about emotions. We look at becoming ‘emotionally intelligent parents’ which helps to improve our parenting skills, our parent-child relationships and our child’s own emotional competence and behaviour.

    TIK is suitable for parents and those in parenting roles of children aged birth and beyond, and is delivered in small group settings over 6 weeks of two hour sessions or other configurations by negotiation.


  • Peaceful Parents

    Peaceful Parents is a strength-based parenting workshop that is engaging, practical and supportive for parents. Parents learn strategies to lessen stress, enjoy parenting more as well as learning practical strategies to build resilience in their children.