Try some of our delicious, simple recipes for all ages. Many are great for making in batches and freezing for later — ideal for a quick snack, easy meal or tasty lunchbox. We love to focus on building food skills and knowledge and exploring different textures and flavours. Download these recipes to share with your family and friends, community group or add to a school newsletter as handy tips.

Tray of freshly baked silverbeet parcels. Photo: Natalie Mendham.

Our full recipes section is under development. In the meantime, you can find our recipe postcards below, as well as some delicious recipes on our Kitchen ABC/123 and food skills pages and our Vimeo channel. You may also find some recipes hidden on our family dinner craft activity sheets!

Lunchbox friendly postcard recipes

Beetroot tzatziki lunchbox friendly postcard recipe. Chickpea and apple bites lunchbox friendly postcard recipe. Pumpkin and date loaf lunchbox friendly postcard recipe. Vegetable pakoras lunchbox friendly postcard recipe.


Bushfoods postcard recipes

Coastal wattle (Acacia sophora) bush food postcard. Design: Patrick Badger. Sea parsley (Apium prostratum) bush food postcard. Design: Patrick Badger. Sweet scente Kunzea (Kunzea ambigua) bush food postcard. Design: Patrick Badger. Flinders Island celery (Apium insulare) bush food postcard. Design: Patrick Badger.

Five recipes showcasing Tasmanian bush foods, including kunzea sausage rolls, mountain pepper baked vegetable soup, wattle seed, pineapple & chicken fried rice, tassie herb noodle slice, and sea parsley mini bush wraps.

The Tasmanian Bush Food to Plate project was made possible by a partnership between tagari lia Child & Family Centre and Families Tasmania, through funding from the Healthy Tasmania Community Innovations Grants program.


Seasonal postcard recipes — set 1

No need bread recipe. Beetroot dip recipe. Wholemeal pizza recipe. Vegetable frittata recipe.

Recipes to match the seasons, including wholemeal pizza, vegetable frittata, no knead bread, and beetroot dip. Great for getting kids involved in the kitchen and introducing new foods to the family.


Seasonal postcard recipes — set 2

Fruit and nut chocolate bliss balls recipe. Minted pea pesto recipe. Berry breakfast smoothie recipe. Oaty apple pikelets recipe.

The latest collection of seasonal recipes includes fruit and nut chocolate bliss balls, berry breakfast smoothie, minted pea pesto, and oaty apple pikelets. Quick, easy and fun to make!