Physical activity

Girl jumping for joy at the beach.

Being active is great for our well-being both mentally and physically. Whether you enjoy structured sports, bushwalking, dancing or playing balloon volleyball — there is something for everyone to suit your lifestyle, location and ability.

For babies and children, being physically active can be about exploring their environment, building confidence and strength and importantly, having fun! It’s also a wonderful way to foster good relationships and communication and spend time with family or friends.

Keep moving with these physical activity resources, designed to build your family’s movement skills and provide some inspiration to get active.

Physical activity postcards

Download these fun activity postcards and share with friends. Get as creative as you can with the scavenger hunts, find a new rainy-day activity to try or make some juggling balls to use for all sorts of activities — throwing games, line markers, bowling, balancing and of course, juggling!

  • Bush scavenger hunt
  • Beach scavenger hunt
  • 10 Rainy day activities with kids
  • How to make your own simple juggling balls


Being Active Matters — booklet & posters

The Being Active Matters! (Second edition) booklet and posters provide parents and carers with ideas on how to set up and play a range of active games that can help children to develop essential movement skills like running and catching. The resources also include information on children’s active play, screen time and healthy snack ideas.

Download booklet

Download posters

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Nature Play

Some fun resources to help you with ideas for connecting with the seasons and reducing your screen time.


Check out these short films that are shareable on social media or for your school.