Oral health

Child drinking water from drink bottle.

Baby teeth matter! So much of our overall heath is linked to our oral health — lay the foundations of good health for your family with these resources.

Building healthy smiles

Cover from ‘Building healthy smiles’ publication. Page from ‘Building healthy smiles’ publication about eating well for you and your baby. Page from ‘Building healthy smiles’ publication about pregnancy gum disease.

A healthy mouth is important for a healthy body. Building healthy smiles is a flip chart resource developed in partnership between Families Tasmania (formerly Child Health Association Tasmania) and Oral Health Services Tasmania, with advice and key messages to foster good oral health from pregnancy to 5 years of age.


Oral health postcards

Oral health postcard: drink well. Oral health postcard: eat well. Oral health postcard: stay well. Oral health postcard: clean well.

Did you know that oral health check-ups are free for children 0–18 years of age with Oral Health Services clinics across Tasmania?

Designed in partnership with Oral Health Services Tasmania, these postcards share the key messages for good oral health to families and communities.

  • Stay well
  • Drink well
  • Clean well
  • Eat well